AWP – More than 40 years of innovation

Since the very beginning, innovation has been a vital factor for the AWP business strategy.

More than 40 years of innovation has resulted in a comprehensive standard valve programme for conventional refrigeration plants and machinery.
In addition, by working in close cooperation with leading institutes, technology companies and of course our customers, AWP can ensure that current products and future designs are constantly leading the market.

One example of this scientific approach is to establish valve performance with the aid of computer programmes that simulate operating conditions. In this way, individual components can be adapted to accommodate especially vulnerable or sensitive installation requisites in the refrigeration plant, the result is increased functional performance and reliability. AWP has their own testing laboratory where research and developments are analysed and examined.

In the many years of close cooperation with the institute for Air and Refrigeration in Dresden there have been numerous developments which include:

A computer program for valve layout and arrangement design.

Valve development for CO2 purposes with a working pressure of 160 bar

Flow analysis for safety valves and check valves

Optimization of the sealing function resulting in leakage of less than 5g of refrigerant per year

The company’s philosophy has always been directed at finding solutions according to a customer’s specific requirements.