Service Valves

Valves with small diameters with closing function to attach additional devices such as manometers to heating and refrigeration systems. They are available with various types of connections.

Service valves with lifting stem, available with various connections. Stem sealing provided by threaded bush.

Service valves with lifting stem, available with various connections. Stem sealing provided by threaded bush and metal bellows for completely hermetic sealing.

Service valves with a pointed regulating cone for fine regulation of the medium flow

Revalco Valves & Spare Parts

Even though it is not possible to produce all of the former REVALCO valves anymore, we can provide spare parts and / or alternative solutions.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Helium Leak Testing

AWP provides different leak testing procedures for valves and components for industrial heating and refrigeration as per EN 1779. Furthermore we also provide special pressure testing procedures with helium.