AWP valves and components for industrial refrigeration: Highly effective and economical solutions from a versatile program.

AWP valves and components are suitable for use with natural refrigerants, non-corrosive gases and liquids and cooling brine. These valves and components are perfectly designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with your specifications.

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Suction Filters

Suction filters are designed for installation on the suction side of the refrigerant circulation to protect the compressor unit from contamination and dirt particles.

Suction filters either equipped with or without an integrated check valve function and combined with a stop valve.

Suction filters with or without integrated check valve function.

Suction filters with integrated check valve and shut-off valve function.

Revalco Valves and Spare Parts

World-leading systems from GEA ensure that our customers can produce the highest quality croissants and other filled pastries, at any capacity.

Helium Leak Testing

AWP Provides different leak testing for valves and components for refrigeration industry according to…