AWP’s ValveCalc dimensioning program is meant for selecting/dimensioning AWP refrigeration valves. The program helps to select valves for each specific section of the refrigeration system. The user can select the correct dimensions by entering the operating conditions into the program step by step, for example for shut-off and safety valves. Calculating an entire section with several different valves is also possible. This enables the user to combine all sections and valves of the system individually. With ValveCalc branched safety lines as well as overflow blow-off lines, complete with pipes, bends, reductions and other possible parts can be dimensioned. ValveCalc offers a construction environment for displaying and editing a pipe system. Essential parts such as safety valves, vessels and lines can be added via drag and drop to build the structure of the system. Additional data like the type of refrigerant, output pressure, and the required calculation standards are defined by integrated input masks. After the dimension calculation has been completed, a flow simulation can be carried out using the system’s simulation function.

The new version of ValveCalc has now been released and comes with some new features, one of which is the pressure drop calculation for the lead and blow-off pipes of the safety valves which is now based on the actual blowdown rate of the safety valves. Before it was based on the requested blowdown rate.

Besides some new technical features there are also some “cosmetic” enhancements: The printouts have been re-designed for a more clear layout. The software hase also been optimized for the use with Windows 10 as well as for being displayed on common notebooks.



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