AWP Produces Customized Filter Drier for Refinery Project

In general filter driers are not among our most complex products. However, in this particular case it was not possible to use an item straight out of the box. A customized solution was needed…

The challenge that needed to be mastered was to design a filter dryer that fits exactly into our customer’s plant. The corresponding overall lengths and the connection geometry had to be taken into account, which resulted in a somewhat unusual design of the component. AWP has already some experience in adapting their own valves to the dimensions of third-party products to replace these. For example AWP offers safety valves that can be used to replace PARKER Herl safety valves, since they are being manufactured with identical technical specifications and dimensions. This means they can be replaced easily in the plant without any additonal effort. So why shouldn’t we just think a bit bigger and do the same to a much bigger component such as a filter drier?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need your own customized product. We are pleased to help you.

Nehir Memet