AWP’s Excess Flow Valves to Protect Your System from Overpressure

Excess Flow Valves are an additional feature to be used in combination with bursting discs to protect a refrigeration system from overpressure.

The Excess Flow Valve is a necessary accessory in accordance with fact sheet AD2000 A1 and ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code VIII Div.1 (paragraphs UG 125 through UG 137) when bursting discs or relief valves are used in series or in combination. The Excess Flow Valve bleeds off any leakage between relief valve or disc without building up a back pressure. If an overpressure occurs, the ball is pushed into a seal preventing further flow through the Excess Flow Valve and en-abling the other relief devices to perform their required functions. Pressure manometer and switchers can be connected.

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