February 16, 2022: Roof Repairs Completed

We are happy to announce that the repair work on the roof of our assembly and shipping building has been completed.

Now that the roof is completed, the remaining test benches and our paint shop will be put back into operation. We are making great efforts to significantly increase our capacity, but as you can imagine, we are facing a huge backlog of open orders that we now have to complete successively. So it will still take a while until we are up to date again and our operations can be considered normal.
As mentioned before, we can prioritize individual orders or just individual order lines in coordination with our customers on case-by-case basis. It can help to process orders faster, if customers are willing to accept valves without leak tests and without primer (coloring).

The management board of GEA AWP again would like to express a big thank you to all employees for their extraordinary commitment to maintaining operations under these circumstances and also to our customers who, in turn, are helping us by re-planning their projects to continue to be successful together during these challenging times.