New Development – 3-way Valves DN 6, PS 63

Due to many inquiries from customers the new product group of 3-way valves DN 6 has been successfully developed and introduced to the market in a minimum of time.

This model range features a compact design and is meant to be used in the refrigeration circles of industrial refrigeration plants. AWP 3-way valves are operated by a handwheel. By turning the hand wheel clockwise the outlet that is averted from the hand wheel is being opened. When one outlet is being closed the other one opens forcibly. It is not possible to lock both outlets at the same time. AWP 3-way valves are maintenance-free. In case of any malfunctions they can be repaired.

Technical details

– Available in stainless steel

– Selection of body material as per German DIN EN12284, AD2000 Series W

– Working media: refrigerant EN 378 p. 1, e. g. NH3, R22, R134a and blends with refrigerator oil, neutral, gas and liquid media, glycol-based cold brine

– Assembly is possible in any position, the flow direction should be observed

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