BS Bursting Discs

Reverse-acting bursting discs to protect a refrigeration system from overpressure.

Bursting Discs are safety devices designed for installation between a 3-way valve and a safety valve. They are being used when a greater tightness is required and to protect the safety valve from damaging effects of the operating medium such as soiling, sticking or corrosion.

Technial Features

  • Available in stainless steel
  • Selection of body material as per German DIN EN12284, AD2000 Series W
  • Working mediums: refrigerants as per EN 378 p. 1, e. g. NH3, R22, R134a; gaseous mediums
  • Use of bursting discs is not permitted in a system where the maximum operating pressure is higher than 90% of the low bursting tolerance. Bursting discs are suitable for gases, but not liquids. The burst tolerance is +/- 10% or optionally +/-5%.

BS Bursting Discs


stainless steel

Nominal Size

DN 15-100

Nominal Pressure Level

DN15-25: PS 25, 40, 63

DN 32-100: PS 40

Temperature Range for Standard Valves

-60 °C to +150 °C

Temperature Range for HT Valve Series

-10 °C to +200 °C


flanged ends as per DIN and ANSI, threaded ends

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