SFCS Suction Filters

Suction filters with integrated check valve and shut-off valve function.

SFCS suction filters integrate the functionalities of a suction filter, of a check valve and of a shut-off valve in one single component and are primarily connected to the suction side of screw-type compressor units. They protect the compressor medium circulation from soiling. When the compressor unit is switched off, the integrated check valve prevents the compressor from rotating in the reverse direction. The suction filter is spring loaded and improves the closing of the check valve. They are equipped with a replaceable strainer insert made of rustproof metal mesh. The strainer is self-centering and is held in the bottom of the casing. The cold gas refrigerant flows through the strainer from the inside to the outside. As soon as the flow of the medium slows down and comes to a standstill, the check valve closes. This prevents the screw-type compressor from reversing and thus no oil is lost.

Technical Features

  • Available in steel, stainless steel or low temperature steel
  • approx. 50 % less floor space required compared to the single components
  • approx. 30 % less pressure drop compared to the single components
  • approx. 30 % less weight compared to the single components
  • approx. 30 % more cost-effective compared to the single components
  • Selection of body material as per German DIN EN12284, AD2000 Series W
  • Working mediums: refrigerants as per EN 378 p. 1, e. g. NH3, R22, R134a; blends and refrigerator oil; neutral, gaseous and liquid mediums, glycol-based cold brine
  • Design and manufacturing acc. to U- and UM-stamp, if required

SFCS Suction Filters


steel or stainless steel

Nominal Size

DN 80-500

Nominal Pressure Level

PS 25, PS 40, PS 63

Temperature Range for Standard Valves

-60 °C to +150 °C

Temperature Range for HT Valve Series

-10 °C to +200 °C


flanged ends as per DIN and ANSI


mesh size: 100 / 120 / 200 / 250 / 500

materials, connections and certificates as per customer’s request,

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