UVR / UVRK Pressure Regulating Valves – Combining Several Features in One

UVR valves unite 3 features in one: pressure regulating valve, check valve and shut-off valve.

These valves are available in straightway and angle design. They are designed for operation with natural refrigerants (NH3, CO2) and non-corrosive gases as per EN 378-1. This valve type features the possibility to vary the response pressure within a range of 2-8 bar. Additionally the valves can be closed manually and feature AWP’s reliable sealing system which enables the threaded bush to be replaced even when the valve is under pressure. The special design of this valve type eliminates the typical flattering. UVR valves are designed for a temperature range of -60 °C to +150°C and for pressure stages PS 25 and PS 40. Therefore this valve type can be used to replace Danfoss’s OFV solution without any difficulties.

UVRK pressure regulating valves are an upgrade of UVR pressure regulating valves as they feature an additionally integrated regulating cone. So this unites 4 functionalities in one valve: pressure regulating valve, check valve, regulating valve and shut-off valve.

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