ValveCalc 6.0 – Relaunching the Leading Dimensioning Software for Refrigeration Valves

AWP’s reliable ValveCalc dimensioning program has been optimized to apply to recent standards and thus brought up to the latest state of the art.
By entering the operating conditions ValveCalc enables step-by-step dimensioning of individual valves or entire pipe sections with multiple valves. In the recent version which is availble for customers upon request and free of charge, the recent standards of industrial refrigeration have been considered such as the newest standard for safety valve calculation: EN 13136:2013. The pressure drop calculations of the lead and blow-off pipes of the safety valves are now based on the actual blowdown rate of the safety valves instead of the reuested blowdown rate as it used to be. The system now automatically calculates the maximum permissible back pressure of the safety valves. The extensive refrigerant database has been extended especially in the overheated section of the refrigerants. Several different features of the selected products can be chosen via the integrated product catalog. A detailed documentation of the calculated products and pipe sections for passing on third parties is also part of ValveCalc 6.0. The layout of the available printouts has been re-desogned for a better and more attractive overview. The intuitive user interface has been optimized as well as the user-friendly handling with Microsoft Windows 10 and the display on common notebook screens. If you are interested in obtaining the most recent version of ValveCalc you can submit your request here.